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2022 GZBtech lighting give 3 suggestions on selecting and installing bedroom bedside lamp

2022 GZBtech lighting give 3 suggestions on selecting and installing bedroom bedside lamp

Home decoration, we need to configure lamps for each space. Living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, there are various styles and styles of lamps to choose from.
Except for some workaholics, it is possible that most of our time is spent at home with our family and nearly 1/3 of our time is spent in the bedroom. Therefore, in this article, let's talk about some knowledge about bedroom lamps, focusing on bedside lamps. Including lighting selection, lighting, and installation.
Why do you need to install a bedside lamp?
1. Read/play phone before bed
I believe that most people have a habit of reading books or playing phones before going to bed. If the main light in the bedroom is turned on directly, it is too bright, which is not conducive to cultivating drowsiness; while the dim bedside light is different, while it is convenient to illuminate the bedside area, It can also make the whole bedroom darker, which is conducive to cultivating drowsiness;
2. Get up at night
If you don't install a bedside lamp, you may be a single dog, because you don't know the following situation. Only the got married couple and has a boyfriend and girlfriend could totally understand why we must install a bedside lamp.
①In a hurry in the middle of the night, snap - turn on the lights! The blind master light in the bedroom woke up the partner!
②At night, the child is hungry and wants to breastfeed, slap - turn on the light! Awoken again!
Bedside lamp lighting principle
For bedroom lighting, we need the light to bring us a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, we also hope that the bedside lamp can integrate functional lighting and decorative lighting. Therefore, the lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm feeling. We require the light of the bedside lamp to be soft, in order to meet our psychological needs before going to bed at night and help us to enter a better sleep state.
Usually, in terms of color choice, bedside lamps are suitable for warm colors or middle lights, such as light yellow, orange, milky white, etc. But please don't make the light too dim. Warm light and dark light are two different things. Dim lighting can make people feel insecure and can damage eyesight.


Of course, too bright light can be annoying and difficult to fall asleep, which in turn affects sleep quality. Therefore, the light of the bedside lamp should be soft and moderately bright, which not only meets the needs of reading and playing phones but also creates a good bedtime environment.

Bedside Lamp Selection Guide
When choosing a bedside lamp, we refer to the size of the room, the placement and overall style of the furniture, as well as personal habits. Usually, we recommend table lamps and wall lamps. First, it is flexible and easy to adjust and replace the light source. Second, the decorative effect is very good.
Among them, the size and number of table lamps can be selected according to the size, style, texture, or personal preference of the bedside table. One can be placed alone or two can be placed symmetrically.
The choice of wall lamps depends on the size of the bed. If the bed is large, install one on the walls on both sides of the head of the bed; if the bed is small, install only one double-headed wall lamp above the middle of the head of the bed. If you have the habit of reading before going to bed, it is recommended to choose a style with a telescopic handle and an adjustable lamp head.

It should be reminded that the light of the bedside lamp must be soft, so when choosing a table lamp or wall lamp, you must pay attention to the material of the lampshade. We recommend choosing lampshades made of frosted glass, parchment, PVC materials, fabrics, etc., which will make the bedroom space appear quiet and calm.

How to install a bedside lamp?
1. Installation of table lamp
If you choose to use a table lamp as a bedside lamp and like to read before going to bed, then we recommend that the light source position of the table lamp be higher than the position of your head after you sit up. Because the requirements for reading contrast are relatively high, if the height of the light source is lower than the human eye, the light cannot be well illuminated on the book, resulting in insufficient illumination and making your eyes feel uncomfortable.

Of course, you can also install a dimmable wall lamp at the bedside while you have already installed the table lamp. Alternatively, you can install a spotlight above the head of the bed (refer to hotel rooms), dedicated to reading.

2. The wall lamp should reserve the wire head
As mentioned earlier, the installation position of the wall lamp is usually one on both sides of the head of the bed or a double-ended one in the middle. However, if there is no wire head reserved on the wall at the head of the bed during the decoration design, then it is not recommended to install a wall lamp, otherwise, it will affect the appearance. This is why we have been emphasizing that decoration design and lighting design should be carried out at the same time.
As for the installation height, the installation height of wall lamps is generally slightly higher than the eye level, around 1.8m. The distance between the bedside wall lamp and the ground is about 1.4m~1.7m. The distance from the bedside wall lamp to the wall is generally in the range of 9.5cm~40cm.
3. The bedside light switch should be within reach

It doesn't need to be said much. You can imagine what it would be like to go to the toilet when you are drowsy and turn on the lights in the dark.


4. Motion sensor under bed light also be a good choice

If you don't want to use a bedside lamp or wall lamp, you can choose under bed light to make bright surroundding your bed, which also can bring a good night lighting effect without affecting your sleep.

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