Choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guy among your friends

Choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guy among your friends

People who don’t understand life think that a chandelier is just a lighting tool, and a little bit of light is enough. To those who has big enthusiastic to life,  chandelier is not only an original of light in the home, it is the key to creating a family atmosphere, through the arrangement of lights and the lighting Modeling style and creating unique home features are an important way to show the owner's taste.

Choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guy among your friends


Different styles of chandelier, how to choose right chandelier?

There are kinds of chandeliers: crystal chandeliers,vintage chandelier, and recently popular metal light luxury chandeliers. Different chandeliers often have their own home matching styles during the decoration process.

The choice of lamps and lanterns depends on the university, choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guys among your friends and family.


1. Crystal chandelier

For example, crystal chandeliers or gorgeous chandeliers are often matched with European-style decoration designs. This kind of chandelier can highlight the noble luxury and high-end atmosphere of the entire space, and the overall style is compelling. It ensures that the residence is bright and eye-catching, exquisite, and magnificent.


Choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guy among your friends

2. Light luxury chandelier

The metal light luxury chandelier has become a hot trend recent years. Younger generation dont like tradinationl complex and heavy luxury chandelier. This kind of chandelier will not have a fixed style, changeable style and supplemented by metal elements, making it stylish and elegant.


The light luxury chandeliers with different shapes are suitable for various types of decoration design. The unique shape makes the whole space flexible and lively, and the metal design is exquisite and high-end. In addition to the above-mentioned chandelier designs frequently used by the public, there are also some special styles with great artistic characteristics. With them, you are the brightest guy among your friends.


3. Industrial vintage chandelier

 Vintage chandelier has its unique romantic sentiment, full of industrial sense and old-fashioned American drama style, just like passionate jazz, rough literature, suitable for decoration style full of literature and art, kitchen island or big living room.

vintage wagon wheel chandelier


4. Glass chandeliers and Gage chandelier

CAGE chandeliers means cage, and CAGE chandelier generally uses a metal hollow frame as a lampshade. The hollow frame and transparent glass will not hinder the extension of light, and the price is not expensive but it highlights the high-end texture.

The refraction of the light through the glass is more gentle and gentle, and different colors create different atmospheres. These two kinds of chandeliers are suitable as decorations for the family, but not suitable for the main lamp. They are matched with the kitchen island or bedside design to highlight the owner's taste.


5. Fan chandeliers and ball chandeliers

This kind of fan chandelier is used more in the kitchen island and living room.  full of an atmosphere of warm and sweet.

Choose the right chandelier, you are the brightest guy among your friends


From a certain part, home decor design and pick interior decorate is the reflection of the owner's taste, while the chandelier is the soul's search for light. The distinctive chandelier shape contrasts with other furniture decorations in the house. Every design shows our true character and our understanding of life. The chandeliers light up not only the house but also the passion for life.


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