How to choose the right entrance lighting?

How to choose the right entrance lighting?

Entrance light is an important element that will define the first impression of your home for people who is the first time to visit your home. Besides, another benefit of hanging an entrance light is security improvement. A clear study from police shows that a home with well lit will prevent criminals from potentially breaking into your home.

From the above discussed, we can understand the necessity of the entrance lighting. The following content is going to help you to select the most suitable entrance light for your home.

There are three questions you need to consider before the purchase decision made: what style of light you are looking for, what function of the light should be equipped and how much space that needs to be the lighting. Below are some points for you to help you better answer these three questions:


  • How to pick entrance lighting temperature?

Before any purchase decision making, pay attention to the light temperature. Different light temperature can create a different atmosphere, for example,the warm light may bring guests a welcome or inviting atmosphere. 

lighting temperature guide
  • How to do entrance lighting maintenance?
The maintenance of the entrance light is also a factor to consider since the fixture will be installed outside. In order to avoid maintenance dealing with, you need to avoid buy a fixture with clear glass, otherwise, you will need to constantly clean it from inside to outside. And we advocate people to choose those fixtures with good sealing in case of the bugs and spiders going inside to take it as a hotel.

  • How to do entrance lighting installation?
If you are just replacing a new fixture, the installation will be easy, only follow the original wiring path. And if the fixture is going to install into a fresh place, an electrician should be invited. Please note, make sure all the power be cut before any installation.

  • Moisture rating

Generally, there are two types of moisture rating fixtures, Damp-rated, and wet rated fixture. Damp-rated fixture means the fixture will be exposed to the wet air condition but will not directly touch the water. Wet rated fixture means the fixture will instantly touch rain or snow. 

GZBtech entrance lighting

Match the entrance lighting type with light styles

  • Pendant light- If there is a covered entry or porch with a ceiling over 13 feet, a pendant light would be a preferred choice here. We recommend leaving 3-4 feet clearance for hanging it from the ceiling and over 8 feet from the pendant light bottom to the ground surface.
GZBtech entrance lighting
  • Flush Porch ceiling- A flush mount fixture is a good choice for a porch with a low ceiling, around 8 feet clearance. 
GZBtech entrance lighting
  • Single scone-The single scone fixture is suitable for an entrance where there is limited space or the door is not concentrated.
GZBtech entrance lighting
  • Double scone-This type of light fixture is a good choice for an entrance where there is large space aside of the front door.
    GZBtech entrance lighting



Decorate the entry lighting will enhance both security and ambient color. I hope the points we discussed may help you with your decision making when choosing entrance lighting among various products in today's market.


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