How to hang a chandelier

How to hang a chandelier?

The chandelier can be regarded as an element of elegance to a room. It is a perfect choice for people who want overhead lighting for their kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. Rules of hanging chandelier could make the lighting looks best and match well with the original decoration or furnishing styles. We are going to discuss some rules for hanging a chandelier in the dining room.

Chandelier size

When it comes to chandelier size, we are going to take consideration of the room size and table size. A 17-20 inches fixture will be suitable for a smaller room (smaller than 10*10 feet). A 26-27 inch fixture will look proper in a room size of 12*12 feet. If the room size is 14*14 feet, then we would like to recommend a 24-36 inches fixtures. After considering the room size, we need also to check the size of your table. The diameter of the hanging chandelier should be narrow about 12 inches of the table width.

How to choose hang a chandelier position? 

  •  Within an 8foot ceiling height, a perfect chandelier hang point should be 30-34 inches over the table.
  • If your room is higher than 8 feet, the hang point should be add 3 inches high for every higher foot of ceiling.
  • Avoid unflattering facial shadows and overhead directly heat from the bulbs, try to add shades to the bulbs.
  • A chandelier planned to hang in a lobby should be taller or wider than it in a dining room, generally, the perfect size of the fixture is 6 ½ feet of space from the floor.
  • A general clearance for hanging it over the kitchen island is 30-34 inches from the island surface.
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    How to choose hang a chandelier style?

    Consider the current decoration of your room: you may find there are lots of chandeliers in the catalog of the current chandelier market. When making the purchase decision, you need to take your current room decoration styles into consideration. I mean the chandelier should be the complement of your home style. For example, hang a traditional-style polished brass chandelier in an ultramodern style room would be unexpected and odd. It would be better to choose a simple design fixture to hang in the kitchen for the reason of easily clean and take apart.


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