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The advantages of under bed light are more than you think!

The advantages of under bed light are more than you think!

Nowadays, no main lighting design is becoming more and more popular, and the application of auxiliary light sources in home decoration is also expanding, such as spotlights, downlights, and led strip light, which can make the space light and shadow more abundant.

In this article, let’s talk about the under-bed light. When you use the lstrip light indoors, it could light up the space when you wake up at night, simply move your feet to see clearly in the darkness. The light is soft and can illuminate any place in the space, such as the bathroom, steps, bedside, etc.

GZBtech under bed light



1. Under bed light advantages and disadvantages

Regardless of the illuminance or brightness, the under bed light cannot be used as the main light, and can only be used with other light sources for local lighting.

  • Low power consumption——The power of most led night light is very low, generally made of low-power LED lights, even if it is lit overnight, its power consumption is much lower than other lamps.


  • More targeted——For partners who often stay up late and wake up at night or families with children and elderly people, the under bed light motion sensor is the most suitable for night lighting, which can increase safety.
  • Low brightness——If the home is designed without a main lamp, it is definitely not enough to use it for lighting. It must be used with 2~3 kinds of lamps and above to meet the needs of daily life.


  • Small lighting range——Generally speaking, the under sensor light are installed on the aisles passing by the feet, and the irradiation distance is relatively short, resulting in a relatively small range of light.


2. How is the under bed light under control?

Under sensor light is under continuous development and upgrading. We always use motion sensor led strip light, which is more widely used and more intelligent.

Motion sensor makes the light turn on/off automatically. No need to fumble for the switch in the darkness anymore, so as to control the light to turn on when it comes on, and turn off when it goes, which is more power-saving and user-friendly design.


3. The application of led strip light in space

【Application·Under bed light

Excellent bedroom lighting design can make the atmosphere more warm and soft, and help you sleep better.

When you are close to falling to sleep, reading, or swiping your mobile phone, no need too bright light. It is a wise choice to install under bed light around the bed. The lighting is gentler and not dazzling. It can also soften the light and shadow levels of the space. It is convenient to go to the bathroom or drink water at night.

 GZBtec led under bed light



Many friends often ignore the aisles and corridors when setting up the lighting layout for their homes, thinking that a chandelier or wall sconce is enough.

If designed in this way, when passing through the bedroom, bathroom, and living room at night, the eyes will be dark looking for the switch, and the luminosity of the headlights will be higher after the lights are turned on, which will make the won't easily get to sleep again.

It is recommended to install under sensor light in the corridor or aisle area to avoid the above problems. Even at night, the sensor light can help you illuminate.
GZBtech under bed light sensor night light
Steps are generally long and narrow. It is difficult for ordinary lights to fully illuminate this area, but when the space is not in good light, they are worried about the risk of stepping out.
After the led strip light is installed, it can be distributed on the wall of each step along the stairs, providing you 100% percent sense of security, and at the same time creating a very elegant beauty.
The advantage of using the sensor light is that it can be distributed on the wall of each step along the stairs, giving you enough safety, and at the same time highlighting a higher level of beauty.
GZBtech under bed light sensor night light
4. Conclusion
The largest advantage of the under bed light also the motion actived led strip light is that it does not destroy the atmosphere of the night, and ensures a certain amount of lighting and comfort. Let's use it together.
GZBtech under bed light
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