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What to do when the chandelier broke? The fastest way tell you how to handle it

What to do when the chandelier broke? The fastest way tell you how to handle it

Chandeliers are very common in home space, whether it is living room space, dining room space, or even bedroom space, chandeliers will appear. In addition, there are many types of chandeliers that are both functional and aesthetic as furniture accessories. Today,  GZBtech lighting will take a commonly  led chandelier as an example to explain the maintenance method of a broken chandelier. Let’s learn together!

1. The principle of chandelier

If the LED chandelier at home is broken, there are actually many reasons, which need to be understood according to the situation. Therefore, first of all, we should know the structure of the led ceiling light. In fact, the structure of the ceiling light is very simple, which is a combination of one or more normal LED energy-saving lamps, and is equipped with a lampshade with rich shapes and different patterns on the outside. However, with the different shapes of the chandeliers, the combination of the internal LED lights may be different, but the principles are the same.

2. Analysis of why the chandelier broke? (1)

Now that we know the principle of the chandelier, let's analyze the cause of the damage. If not all the chandeliers are broken, but only a few of them are not lit, then we can first understand the appearance of the chandelier. If there is no change in the appearance, it means that the chandelier beads are broken, you can buy some and replace them, this is not a big problem.

If the filament inside the bulb is black, it means that the bulb is burned out, that is to say, the current passing through the bulb is too large, and we need to replace the light board. In the process of replacement, you need to pay special attention to the connection method of the chandelier and pay attention to the current flow through the chandelier.

2. Analysis of why the chandelier broke? (2)

If it is found that the whole chandelier is not lit, then we need to use a wire to connect the two ends of the bulb to see if it is still lit. If some bulbs are lit, then the quality of the bulbs is a problem, and you can replace them. If it is not lit, just replace the light board directly. This situation is more common, but this method can easily affect the life of the entire chandelier, so it is recommended to replace the chandelier light board directly.

If the ceiling lights flicker frequently, it needs to be checked with the naked eye first. If the flicker is visible to the naked eye, the driving power supply has been replaced, and the driving power supply still needs to be replaced.

4 What to do when the chandelier broke?
Finally, let's take a look at the solution to the broken chandelier. In fact, the replacement of the chandelier is very simple. Before the replacement, you need to cut off the power of the lamp, so the replacement is safer. After closing, some chandeliers have a lampshade, which can be removed. If not, you can directly remove the bulb that needs to be replaced. Then replace it with a new one. In addition,

In daily life, the lampshade of the led chandelier should be cleaned for a long time to prevent the flying of mosquitoes, and at the same time to prevent the light from being dimmed. It is also necessary to regularly check the condition of the lamps to see if the chandeliers are loose where they are in contact with the wires, or if there are flying insects in the bulbs, etc.

5. What we should be paying attention to in the maintenance of chandeliers?
1. When repairing chandeliers, it is necessary to find the original reason, so that it can be effectively solved. Now many chandelier failures are caused by short circuits at the feet. It's useless to do repairing before didn't find reason caused chandelier broke and maybe you cant recover it back.
2. When repairing chandeliers, it is should be to do anti-static steps. Why do need anti-static steps? This is because the light bulb is a static-sensitive device. If the anti-static steps are not done well, the light bulb will be burned out. The soldering iron to be used for maintenance should be an anti-static soldering iron. The electrician repairing the chandelier must wear anti-static tools such as anti-static rings and anti-static gloves.

3. When repairing chandelier, you should pay attention to the temperature. The temperature should not be too high. You must know that the light bulb is usually composed of two parts: LED and FPC. Neither of these two parts can afford high temperatures. The film foams, which will cause the LED bulb to fail, and the high temperature for too long will burn out the chip of the LED bulb. So paying attention to the temperature is very important.


The above is the relevant information about what to do if the chandelier is broken. It can be seen that it is very easy to solve the broken chandelier by yourself, but in order to ensure personal safety, we still recommends asking a professional electrician to carry out the construction operation.

These chandelier repair methods are to solve the common problems of broken chandeliers. If you are meeting problems that are difficult to repair, you should buy high-quality chandeliers as a replacement as soon as possible. GZBtech best chandeliers and pendant light collection, you will never worry it easy to broke and any time if the chandeliers have a problem, GZBtech will replace a new one and accessories for you. All are our customers can be safe and has guarantee to use it at home.

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