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2022 don't just look at the appearance when choosing lamps, but also these 6 major lighting layout matters!

2022 don't just look at the appearance when choosing lamps, but also these 6 major lighting layout matters!

When selecting lamps, most people pay attention to the appearance of the lamps but ignore the bad influence on the human body such as the brightness, intensity, and so on. The following are the 6 important tips for home decoration lighting layout.
1. Avoid using a strong light
Too strong light will irritate the human eyes, and too dark light will make people psychologically depressed, so the intensity of the light layout should be reasonable.
2. The room lighting should not be too bright
Some people like bright lights and feel comfortable and stylish, so they install high-power lamps. However, excessively bright lights are harmful to human eyes, especially the eyes of kids and baby's, and we should pay attention to that.
3. Avoid using direct spotlights during the rest
There are two types of lamp holders: direct and reflective. Do not use direct lights during conversation and rest, and it's absolutely forbidden to use reflector lights when reading or studying.
4. Avoid low floor lamps
When people are sitting on the sofa, the height of the lampshade of the floor lamp should not be lower than people's line of sight.
GZBtech table and floor lamp set
5. Avoid using fluorescent lamps on cold-colored walls
The light and color of the fluorescent lamp are taboo for cold-colored walls., and the warm color light is applied to soften the indoor environment.
6. Avoid multicolor lights at home
Colorful light sources can interfere with the central nervous system of the brain, making people dazzled and dizzy. Warm white lights are the first choice for home improvement.

I believe that there is a natural tendency for us to choose lamps and lanterns, and we usually don't choose the wrong one. But it is inevitable that sometimes I want to be different, and the result is that I bought a completely inappropriate lamp.

Choosing our GZBtech brand of wall sconce and ceiling lights will not have these problems at all. We will ensure that you buy suitable and comfortable lamps and create a comfortable and warm home for you.

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