Lighting Buying Guide

1. How to define the size of Chandelier?

  • Width:

The Width in inches of the Chandelier is the sum of a room's length and wide in feet. For example the room's length and width in feet is 12'x 18', the width of chandelier in inch is 30''. Besides, if the chandelier hang over a table, its width should be 12'' narrow than the width of a table.

  • Height:

We recommend the height of chandelier in inches should be the room 's height(space between floor and ceiling) in feet multiply by three. For example, if the height of your room is 8' then we recommend the height of your ideal chandelier is 8x3=24''.


2. How to hang a chandelier?

Hang it too low or too high will either hinder your home's flow of traffic, or makes your home too dim. Below is the reference for recommendation:


  • Dining room

Hanging height: we recommend the hanging height is 30''-36'' between the table surface and the bottom of chandelier.

Place to hang: hang the light above the middle of the table rather than the center of the room.


  • Kitchen Island

Hanging height: we recommend the hanging height is 30''-36'' between the counter-top surface and the bottom of chandelier.

Place to hang: hang the light above the middle of the counter-top. But if you are planning to hang multiple pendant lights or mini chandeliers, we recommend 30'' clearance between each lights. For example, if you are going to hang three lights above the counter-top, the middle one should be on above of the center of the island and then hang other two 30'' apart on either side.


  • Entryway, Bedroom, or living room

Hanging height: Make sure no one knocks their head, there should be 7' clearance between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor.

Place to hang: if you hand it in the entry, we recommend it be hanged at the center of the room. and if you hang it in the bedroom or living room, hang it in the center of the room or in the middle of above a bed or coffee table.

How to hang a chandelier


3. How to pick the right size of outdoor light?

Front Porch wall lights. Here are some reference of recommendation for picking the proper size of outdoor light:

  • One fixture: the height of the fixture should be 1/3 height of the door.
  • two fixture:the proper fixture height should be 1/4 of your front door height. And if you have a double doors, you need pick a little larger one.
  • If it is hard to decide which size of fixture to purchase for you, we advise you can cut out a piece of paper and make the same size of the light you are going to buy then tape it to you wall so that you can know what it look like.
  • Avoid over light: Most people make an error is that use too bright bulb outdoor. In fact, a little light goes a long way. It is better to use a low wattage or lower lumens is generally adequate in the dark.

How to pick the right size of outdoor light


4. How to choose the correct lamp size?

You may confused about the correct size of the table lamp choose. Below are some guidance about choose the right size of table lamp

  • Overall lamp and table measurement: the height of the lamp should be under 1.5 times of the surface it is sitting on. And the lamp shade’s diameter should be smaller than the width of the sofa side table. It will affect the overall looking if the lamp shade stretch out the table edge.
  • Lamp base height and lamp shade width: the shade width should be within two inches increase or decrease of lamp base height. For example, if the base length is 14”, the lamp shade width should be no smaller than 12” and no wider than 16”.
  • Lamp base height and lamp shade height: the height of lamp shade height should be around 2/3 of lamp base height. And the lamp shade height is 1/3 of overall lamp height.


5.How to choose the correct GZBtech outdoor wall sconce size?

  • Do measurement from the top to the bottom of your front door and make notes.
  • Divide the front door length by 1/3 an1/4.
  • The proper size of front door wall lantern is the 1/3 or 1/4 of your door measurement.


 6. The GZBtech light can be dimmable?

  • It is dimmable if you use dimmable light bulbs with dimmer switch. The light dimmable ONLY depend on bulb and dimmer switch.


 7. What voltage can be the GZBtech lighting used for?

  • All we showed on GZBtech lighting all used for 110V-120V. Normally used in US and CA countries. If you are looking for 220V high voltage lighting, we also can provide it, please contact with GZBtech before placing an order.


LED strip light

1.What these number of SMD 5050, 3528 stands for?

The first two digit in these code is standing for the width of these package and the last two digits means the length of an LED package. Take 5050 as an example: a 5050 LED package has a width of 5.0mm and a length of 5.0mm. Since 5050 has a more lager package than 3528, it will has more surface to dissipate heat.


2.What is the IP rating for?

An IP code is consisted of two digits. The initial digit demonstrate the protection degree from solid object and is depends on the scale of the intrusion objects. The second number illustrate how well the fixture is protected from the water.


3.Which remote should choose? IR or RF remote

  • IR remote:

-- Restricted by the distance of device, the maximum distance between receiver and remote is better no more than 10m, and the operation will also be ineffective if there are walls or furniture in the middle.

--Operation will also be ineffective if there are walls or furniture in the middle.

--Interfered by heat sources and sunlight.

-- low cost and less interference.

  • RF Remote:

--Will not be blocked by wall or furniture, and the maximum distance reach at 20m-30m.
--Large occasions such as hospital and hotel.

--Interference may occur due to the interference may occur due to the crowed radio frequency bandwidth


4.What is LED density?

LED density means the quantity of LED by per meter mounted in the LED strip. The light output of a reel light strip is a sum of individuals LEDs on the LED strip. Larger LED density will bring higher power consumption and brighter illumination of the LED strip.