2022 How to clean lampshade? Make it fresh new one

2022 How to clean lampshade? Make it fresh new one

Each lamp carries the mission of light and impact every space atmosphere. If there is no regular cleaning under long-term use, dust will accumulate, which will not only affect the appearance, but also reduce the brightness of the lamp.

How to clean glass lampshade

In fact, as long as you know the material of the lamp and carry out simple maintenance procedures on a regular time, you can extend the life of the lamp, so that your beloved lamps can always be in the best condition, always attracting eyes from others's sight, and accompany family members to spend more time together. 

This article focuses on the maintenance methods of the lampshade, understand the maintenance methods of different materials, and let lamp shade with lamp accompany you for a longer time.


# Metal lampshade

There are two types of metal finish: cating& planting. Oxidation occurs when metal exposed to air with dust and water vapor. A routine cleaning once in 2-3 months is a must. 

Cating metal finish maintance is more easy,wipe down the attached dust of the lamp with a soft cloth.

Plating Metal finish need pay more attention on maintanace. The plating surface is more delicate, wipe down the dust more gently.

If oil stains leaves, using a dampened cloth to wipe in the same direction. Dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth after cleaning.

The dust particle will possible rub the protective layer and leads to rust. To avoid scratching. So please do not use rag or feather duster. Then done, just like a new one.

# Glass lampshade

Whether it is the bright colored glass lampshade or the light and airy feeling of solo clear glass lampshade, the glass lamp type accompanies our lives with its unique pure light atmosphere. However, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the accumulation of dust will not only affect the appearance, but also reduce the brightness. Clean it regularly and let it recover its original clarity.

GZBtech glass lampshade

Clean the same way to all types of glass, clean the glass every 2-3 months, since the dust will affect the appearance and lower the brightness.  

For disassembled lampshade, please clean with water directly. To avoid water stains, dry with cotton cloth gently after cleaning.

How to clean glass lampshade

If the lampshade cant be removed easily, wipe down in the same direction by dampened cloth and dry with cotton cloth afterward.


How to clean glass lampshade



# Cement lampshade

Compared with metal and glass lampshades, the cement lampshade is easier and simpler to clean. Through simple daily cleaning, the cement lampshade can maintain a delicate and smooth touch.

How to clean cement lampshade


Use a dry cloth or feather duster to clean dust leaving on the lampshade. 

If necessary, use a wet cloth to wipe the entire lampshade to maintain the color evenly. Partial wiping with wet cloth may cause a color difference on the surface. Do not turn on the lamp until the moisture has completely evaporated.

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