Ceiling lights or pendant light? Find out these 5 points, the effect will be high-end!

Ceiling lights or pendant light? Find out these 5 points, the effect will be high-end!

The living room is a important space in most of home decorations, and it is related to owner's taste and comfort of the home decoration. As the living room is our main leisure activity spot after one day come back from home, the lighting design of this space is also very important.


After all, it is night when we go home from get off work. Turning on the lights is the daily state of life at home. When choosing lamps in the living room, there are also have pendant light and ceiling lights. In the face of this multiple-choice question, if you choose the wrong one, then the experience will be greatly reduced! So how do we choose? Today we will analyze it!



1.The height of the space layer is small, ceiling lights are recommended

The height of the floor space in the living room is a key factor in determining the choice of lamps. Generally, the thickness of the ceiling light is about 10-20cm, while the height of the pendant light must be at least 40cm. If the original floor height of the living room is small (less than 2.6 meters), then It is recommended to install a pendant light, or install a chandelier with a lower height.

After the chandelier is installed, you will bump your head or feel depressed when standing under the chandelier. Generally, after the chandelier is installed, it is recommended to be more than 30cm away from the human head.


2. The lighting effect, the chandelier is better

In terms of lighting effects, the lighting method of the ceiling light is relatively simple, basically the surface below the ceiling light give lighting and the light also diverges from top to bottom, so the ceiling light lighting effect is not good as chandelier.


The lighting of the ceiling light is relatively single, and the entire space is bright.

In the case of chandelier, diversified lighting effects can be achieved through different styles of lamps. For example, if you want the light source to be concentrated in the center of the living room, you can choose a chandelier with the light source facing downward, so that the overall light source falls in the area below the lamp.


▲The hanging chandelier can concentrate the light source.

If you want the entire space to be illuminated, you can choose a chandelier with a spherical lamp holder, so that the entire space will be illuminated from the ceiling, the wall to the ground.


 3.Clean up and take care of, the ceiling light is more convenient

From the perspective of clean, the lamp body of the ceiling light is absorbed on the ceiling, so there is almost no cleaning problem, because there is no place for dust. For the chandelier, the top of the lamp body is easy to accumulate dust, which takes a long time. The top of the suspended ceiling will accumulate dust and black, and the position of the lamp is higher, which is more trouble to maintain.


 4.Style matching, many choices of chandeliers

In terms of decoration style, the ceiling light is suitable for modern, simple, Nordic and other relatively simple designs, and the overall sense of space is relatively simple;


The ceiling light is suitable for simple decoration.

For chandeliers, from Nordic style spherical chandeliers, light luxury style metal chandeliers, retro chandeliers..., the styles are richer and diverse, and you can install more warm and high-end effects.


There are many styles of chandelier, and there are many suitable styles.


 5.Ceiling shape

According to the shape of the ceiling, it is also a skill to choose lamps. If there are ceilings around the ceiling in the living room and there are more hangings, then the middle lamps are generally recommended to use chandeliers, so that the lamps will not appear to be hidden in the ceiling, looks stingy.


The surrounding ceilings are large, and it is recommended to use a chandelier in the middle.

If it is a ceiling with a flat ceiling or no ceiling, then refer to point 1 of this article as appropriate, and consider the choice of lamps according to the height of the floor.


If there is no ceiling or simple ceiling, you can use ceiling lights or chandeliers.

In addition, in addition to ceiling lights and chandeliers, in some relatively modern decorations, you can also choose track lights, no main lights, strip lights, downlights, etc.to match, specifically according to the specific design plan.



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