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How far is the chandelier from the dining table

How far is the chandelier from the dining table? Indecisive friends check here

After a busy day of work, What we feel most comfortable is that to come home and enjoy a rich and delicious dinner with the family together under the warm light.
The installation height of the lighting not only affects the lighting effect but also determines the overall aesthetics. Today, GZBtech chandelier will talk to you about the height of the ceiling of the dining room.
How far is the chandelier from the dining table
1. The installation height of the dining room chandelier
  • Generally speaking, the installation of the dining room chandelier depends on the height of the table, the height of the space, and the area of ​​the dining room. Generally, the hanging iron wire of the chandelier is fixed, and the length cannot be adjusted after installation. It is usually recommended that the distance between the ceiling and the dining table be about 55~60cm.
  • Chandeliers are divided into single-head and multi-head collections. Depending on the space, the choice is also different. Generally, the multi-head chandelier is suitable for the living room and dining room, and a single-head chandelier is more suitable for the bedroom and entertainment room. No matter what kind of chandelier, the height of about 2.2meters is the most suitable distance from the ground.
  • The most suitable installation height of the dining room chandelier can make the chandelier create a symmetrical halo on the dining table, and the light will be more gentle. In addition, to getting a warm dining atmosphere, it will not block the eyes of the occupants; for compliance to household needs, the chandelier is constantly optimized. Many styles will be equipped with adjusters or spring parts on the vertical line so that we can adjust the height according to our needs!

 How far is the chandelier from the dining table

2.How to define the size of Chandelier?
  • Width:

The Width in inches of the Chandelier is the sum of a room's length and wide in feet. For example the room's length and width in feet is 12'x 18', the width of chandelier in inch is 30''. Besides, if the chandelier hang over a table, its width should be 12'' narrow than the width of a table.

  • Height:

We recommend the height of chandelier in inches should be the room 's height(space between floor and ceiling) in feet multiply by three. For example, if the height of your room is 8' then we recommend the height of your ideal chandelier is 8x3=24''.

How far is the chandelier from the dining table

3.What do we need to pay attention to when When installing a chandelier?
  • Do not install too low, whether it is used in the dining room or the living room, if we install it too low, it will not only block people’s sight but also make people feel dazzling and lose pendant light meaning; if the floor height is relatively low, we recommend installing ceiling light makes the space more large compare to old space.
  • The most basic requirement for installing a chandelier must be firm, mainly depending on the chassis; no matter what type of lamps are installed, they need to be installed according to the requirements in the installation instructions. If the lamp weighs more than 3 kg, it is necessary to adopt the embedded hook or from the top surface. Use expansion bolts to fix the supports and hangers for installation!
  • After installation, pay attention to the firmness of the boom connection; the lightbox suspended under the sling should also be checked; usually, there is a certain length of thread on the boom, which can be used to adjust the height.

 How far is the chandelier from the dining table

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