Is the chandelier safe - The 4 key points you must know about choosing best chandelier

Is the chandelier safe - The 4 key points you must know about choosing best chandelier

 With the improvement of people's quality of life, people pay more and more attention to the interior decoration of houses, and the choice of lighting is more and more. Nowadays, many people no longer use ordinary incandescent tubes, and gradually start to use chandeliers. Because the ceiling is both beautiful and practical.

But many people will be asking is it safe to use chandeliers? So next, let GZBtech lighting tell you how to choose a safe chandelier and buy the best chandelier that's suitable for you.

Check the adhesion of the chandelier: Now the most commonly used one is the 100-character grid inspection, which is to use a blade to draw 100 pcs square shapes with a spacing of 1 mm on the object to be measured, and then stick it with adhesive tape. If it can stick, it means that the adhesion is not up to the requirements.

Check the hardware surface and shape of the chandelier: whether the hardware surface is black, rusted, scratched, less paint, paint peeling, paint leakage, flowing paint, dirt, and other undesirable phenomena; whether there is any color difference on the whole lamp; There is no deformation; check whether there are excessive touchpoints and de-soldering at the welding point; whether the billet front is polished.

Check the chandelier glass: Glass is generally inspected from four aspects: size, smoothness, weight, and appearance. The glass should not contain impurities, and the surface should not have dirt and black spots; in addition, the glass should be smooth, and there should be no billet edge and roughness.


The height of the suspension, the material, and the form of the lampshade and bulbs must be chosen carefully: To avoid uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier should be appropriate, generally about 55-60 cm from the desktop, and lamps that can be raised and lowered at will should be selected to facilitate adjustment and selection of height. Like a simple linear metal chandelier, the shape is natural without carvings and casual. The spiral shape of the lampshade can be adjusted at will.

Our GZBtech chandeliers can totally assure that easy to install and quickly adjust, the most important is safe to use and won't hurt you in installation and use during time. We have been professional producing home lighting for more than ten years and offer the best shopping experiences for you only hope you can pick satisfied chandeliers from GZBtech lighting. No satisfy, Only refund.

Height: The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. Too low is harmful to people's eyes, or it will affect people's normal vision and make people feel dazzling.
Energy-saving lighting: It is best for consumers to choose chandeliers that can install energy-saving light sources, and do not choose chandeliers with electroplating layers, because the electroplating layer is easy to fade over time. Choose chandeliers that are consistent inside and out in materials such as all-metal and glass.
Quality: On the market, only chandeliers above 100-200USD can have certain quality assurance. Consumers should not choose chandeliers that are too cheap, and chandeliers below 100USD are generally of poor quality.
The above is the small selection of chandeliers introduced by GZBtech for you. Many people want to install chandeliers at home, but there is always a question that comes to mind, is the chandelier safe? So this time, we introduced how to get safe chandelier.  I hope everyone can take care of these purchase skills so that such chandeliers will be much safer to install at home.
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